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What the Founding Fathers Drank

In honor of President’s Day on February 18th, we are highlighting the drinks which our founding fathers were especially fond of. While the United States may have changed tremendously since those early days, given this fascinating list, it is evident that our …Read more

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Buffalo Trace Bourbon: It’s Like Being at Home

Spend just a little time wandering around the 400-acre Buffalo Trace distillery, located along a stretch of the Kentucky River in Franklin County, and it becomes apparent that you’re never too far removed from the ghosts of …Read more

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Drinks for your Sweetheart: The Best Valentine’s Day Cocktails

Move over, chocolate and roses! This Valentine’s Day make plans with a romantic cocktail instead! Try your hand at making one or two of these dreamy drinks and see if you can impress your special someone with your romantic mixology skills. If you don’t have …Read more

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Pairing Wine with Pizza

Wine certainly does not need to be reserved for special dinners and dishes, in fact, many wines pair excellently with pizza. From classic cheese to pineapple and ham, we have all the pairings you need to turn your next pizza night into an even tastier …Read more

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Game Day Drinks: Score Big with these Cocktails & Mocktails

It’s almost time for the big game, which means it’s also time to plan a party! No matter who you’re rooting for (or if you only tune in for the commercials) you can appreciate the drinks on our list. We also want to take this …Read more

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National Irish Coffee Day

Before there were lattes and cappuccinos, there was the Irish Coffee, a timeless combination of cream, coffee, and whiskey. This classic cocktail has been a staple in not only Ireland but especially in the United States where it was introduced during the 1950s. January 25th …Read more

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Building A Wine Community With Amy LaBelle

When you walk into the LaBelle Winery in Amherst, you instantly feel welcome. Over the last 6 years, Amy LaBelle and her team have crafted a local sanctuary that not only creates exceptional wine but also invites you into their community. I had the pleasure …Read more

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Cellar Notes 2019

This year’s Wine Week has more events than ever before, but one event which we are super excited about is Cellar Notes – Wine Dynasties. This year’s Cellar Notes is called “Wine Dynasties” because the focus will be on …Read more

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Jean-Charles Boisset & Gina Gallo: The Wine World’s Dynamic Duo

Jean-Charles Boisset and Gina Gallo, who are individually leading winemakers in the industry, are soon headed to New Hampshire for the New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet’s 16th annual Wine Week. Their visit is highly anticipated as they are renowned universally for …Read more

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Customer Appreciation Sale

We love all of our customers and to thank everyone, we are making January 2nd through February 3rd Customer Appreciation Month at all of our New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet locations! To celebrate this month, we are now offering an additional …Read more

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Wine Week 2019

Mark your calendars, because it’s almost time for New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlet’s 14th annual Wine Week, the biggest wine event in all of New England! Every year, for a full week, the world of wine visits New Hampshire and shares wine of every …Read more

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Farnum Hill Ciders: The Orchard Makes the Flavor!

Farnum Hill Ciders, located in scenic Lebanon, New Hampshire, is changing the way people think about cider. The average American usually thinks of a non-alcoholic apple juice when they hear the term, but cider’s original definition is “an alcoholic drink made from fermented crushed fruit, …Read more

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Celebrate the Repeal of Prohibition!

On December 5th, 1933, the 21st amendment was ratified by Franklin D. Roosevelt. This 21st amendment repealed the 18th amendment, ending the nationwide prohibition of alcohol. Needless to say, this gave many Americans something to celebrate and you can re-live their excitement by making these …Read more

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Born in the USA: Smoky Quartz Distillery

Smoky Quartz Distillery, located at the gateway of New Hampshire’s seacoast in Seabrook, is a veteran owned and operated artisanal craft distillery which produces exceptional spirits with American pride. The distillery, which is named after New Hampshire’s official gemstone, is obviously proud of not only …Read more

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Get into the Holiday Spirits: 7 Seasonal Cocktails You Need to Try

Tis’ the season for making holiday cocktails! From eggnog to spiced rum, we cover all the season’s favorite flavors. Whether you’re hosting a party, attending a Yankee Swap, or trimming your tree, there’s a seasonal drink on our list that you’re sure to love. The …Read more

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